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It was raining a lot, but slim enough to walk around in the cold under a hat with furs and no umbrella. I was running late but wanted to find my perfect agenda for 2010 (and it was almost already February), which was out in every bookstore/place where i could imagine there could be one...
I was in my way to MUJI when I spotted a ZARA HOME and just remembered they used to have notebooks, phonediaries and sometimes, if you were lucky, agendas. When I got in I forgot what I was looking for, not only because they only had 3 things on sale (and that led to everything in the store being nice, tidy and new) but also because a couple of beautiful and trendy boys where talking about what should they get for the office of one of them. It was Nacho Alegre, a very stylish dude who makes  beautiful photographs for a living. He is amazing and I admire his work a lot. He is friends with my best friend, so ...
-Nacho, hello!
We shook hands.
I am a fan of yours. I really appreciate your work. You are so talented. Good job man!You rock.
He said his thank yous and tried not to smile so he could seem cooler. When thats almost impossible, him to seem cooler than he already seems, I mean. His friend was observing us from the distance. Then approached.
I asked if I could have a photo of the both of us while reaching my brand new red Lumix camera in my bag. It actually is a very good camera with better lenses!and it makes HD quality video!!
So I handled the camera to his decoration shopping partner while explaining I could send the picture to our friend in common who is abroad. He would appreciate that surprise.

We smiled a little. Me a little too much. And I reminded him we'd actually met before @ some random party when I lived with his friend and favorite person of mine. He made a face like he didn't know me at all but didn't wanted to disappoint me.
I found out MUJI doesn't carry agendas. And couldn't find one in ZARA HOME either.


please, check out his Diaries if you haven't already

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