Julia is a beautiful 18 year-old teenager. She has a loving family. They’re upper middle class and religious through habit, not belief. When she was a little girl she knew the lyrics to all the songs on Disney movies. Her favorite was one from “The Little Mermaid”. She used to sing them with her friends and has never felt out of place or solitary. She believes in true love and doesn’t have deep existential preoccupations. She is smart, kind and has a warm tone of voice. She is studying medicine because one day it will satisfy her desire to help other people and it also satisfies her parents’ desires. Twice a week she studies French. She is the best in her class. She can’t wait to go to Paris this summer. For six months now she has had a boyfriend. Julia lives in a little bubble filled with perfection. This bubble just burst. Today Julia has found out she is pregnant. Today Julia can’t stop crying. Or vomiting. She is not vomiting because of morning sickness, just out of utter disgust. She tries not to think of her parents, her friends, her dismembering future.


story and Bérenice photos by Nilo


natasja said...

your blog is adorable

bri. said...

she is a cutie.