the other day I read an interesting interview to socialite Derek Blasberg over the release of his book Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady. I basically finished the short reading with two ideas in my head:
1) Derek Blasberg knows manners because of his childhood in Missouri
2) Derek Blasberg might think there are two kind of people in the world: shallow people and trashy people, and shallow people might be his readers

his book Classy seams to be a guide for "young adults" so they can learn how to behave, hold doors and say thank yous. his background in the Midwest has given him the knowledge to teach fellow NYC socielites Mary-Kate Olsen or Jen Brill good manners and "common decency". as I keep on with the Chris Rovzar interview to Blasberg for the New York Mag, I am aware that the author writes on the new release that "the government should send free cigarrettes to trashy people" because "that's the best way to get shallow people to quit smoking", he adds. so it looks like we don't have to care if trashy people kill themselves with tobbacco as long as the shallow quit the habit

In the picture, Jen Brill by Terry Richardson wearing the Panthère de Cartier ring, a Chanel purse, 
a brand new Burberry trench, some Ray-Ban Wayfarer shades and a recently lightened cigarrette.

You can read the entire interview of Blasberg for the New York Mag here.

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Sylvia etc... said...

interesting critic ... makes me wanna go and check it closer! love the picture!