how I met SLIMANE

I was on a walk along Houston. I was probably talking about my wedding. wait no. oh shit! I can't remember what my conversation was about those days. I was on a walk along Houston talking about some shit when I suddenly paused. I blanked out. I couldn't keep going. I could just think about rockstars, topless teenagers and b/w photos. Hedi stopped me and said I looked familiar. I smiled, took off my oversized sunglasses and thought: -be cool, don't smile-. we kept going our opposite ways for a few feet and both of us, at the same exact time, turned around and looked at each other. he was with a handsome guy I think, both dressed in androgynous + black clothes. I was with two lady friends that didn't have a clue who he was. now they have a very bare idea. he entered a design store
I just went to NY and that shop was my 1st stop

Estel just wrote about his American Dream here

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