Günter Rösler · Christophe Kutner · Lina Scheynius

she had spend some days out, with friends, a backpack and some munchies. now it was time to sleep in a real bed, they all went to meet the others at this big house where people stayed for the festival. rooms were picked and she was left with maybe the bigger one. as she normally does, just getting into the room and before saying hellos to the roommates sitting around the table, she picked a bed. she tried with the big one, but it was for two people and she wouldn't share bed at that point. so she left her things (somehow a 2.55 purse appear into her hands) on top of it so no one would think they could actually sleep there. it didn't work because lots of people arrived and knew that was a really good spot. she had to fight over it and gain some enemies. meanwhile Lady Gaga picked the bed just next to hers, the King sized for two. she was happy that Stefani Joanne Angelina was there, but her energies were focused on whether Gaga would have the bed to herself or if she would have to share it with another human being. and then she woke up

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love ur bed post!