P R A D A , M A R F A

Prada Marfa

Marfa is probably too cool for you. a little arty town west Texas filled with hipsters, yoga and stars. but that's another story and I have some photos of the place for next week or maybe sooner
now, just when you're about to hit Marfa, but still on the road in the middle of nowhere, the Prada store shows. this is a "pop arquitectural land art project" by duo of Northern European artists Elmgreen and Dragset built back in 2005. Miucca Prada donated some fall/winter 05 handbags and shoes for the sculpture along with the logo of the brand. Originally, the artists wanted to keep the building with no reparations so it could eventually age and fade to the environment, but after it was inaugurated some vandals broke in and stole some goodies. people weren't definitely from Marfa, but people who can't understand how great it is contemporary art for free. but the morons wrote the word dumb on the walls and took off proud of themselves...(there were only right feet shoes and they stole 14 of them poor things, who knows, maybe they were mutants with a pair of right feet). that's why the handbags have no bottoms and an alarm device now. however there are still seed leftovers inside on the carpet, so who knows who makes it in and what they do in there
after Whitesands this was another fasho stop, and worth it. I've been wanting to see this little thingy life for quite a long time now and it was beautiful and fulfilling, despite the graffitis around


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what a great idea. looks awesome with the barren setting. kudos prada.