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miu miu fall 2011 campaign by Bruce Weber

Hailee Steinfeld. she's a real beauty and a great actress. I loved her work in True Grit. she shared screen with amazing Matt Damon and all time fave and icon Jeff Bridges and yet, in her first feature, she manages to outshine above everyone else in the cast and bring to the big screen a real big deal of woman. Miucca never fails in her choices and we all are extremely happy to see this teenage girl as the image of Miu Miu for next Fall. and the glitter, oh the glitter!
the preview was a good start, but these pictures are much better than anticipated. first 2 are my favorites.
I am prepared for amazing things to happen

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terryl said...

i had no idea she was the face of the campaign! what a sweetheart. i may have fallen in love with the line when i saw the glitter booties a little while ago, but the addition of her confirms the affair.