Clinton Friedman's Botanica prints

plants. and I keep thinking of how many many many shapes and textures and creatures mother nature gives to us humans on earth. I was hiking up in Maui and landscape changed from waterfalls and its pools and rocks and dirt to an amazing bamboo forest. just like that I was placed in an alternate universe of darkness and green tall thin frayed motherfuckas. one after the other creating a curtain between me and the rest of the island and the world.
Clinton Friedman is a nature-conscious photographer.  He replanted these lost African beauties in his garden and once they were secure and healthy he took them off for the shoot and replanted them after. but don't these look like watercolors? how can these beauties exist and we humans be okay with not moving from our comfort zone/home/city/hotel? people, start moving. plus I think earth is trying to tell us something. or at least she is getting ready for big things to happen. these are all aloes and other medicinal plants for your own sake

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