Mango jeans · Obey top · Lucheese boots · Levi's scarf and plaid shirt · vintage scarf as headband · Ray-Ban Wayfarers · native Navajo bead necklace

horseback riding picture galore, couldn't choose just one photo of my beloved favorite cowboy. galoping is an exhilarating sensation. so exciting, it's like you're flying in outer space. our outfits were great for the date, I must say. Lucheese cowboy boots and Stetson cowboy hats are mandatory outfits in our americana journeys. jeans, scarfs and plaids shirts and flannels are also handy. plus some working apparel read Carhartt.
Utah was one of our last stops while road trippin' through the south-west. company was kept with Chayanne, every brown horse I encounter is always called like the singer...and mine the black one was called something with the word night in it. pretty obvious
repeat mode for the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Utah

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Hannah said...

these photos are amazing!! i've only been horseriding once but i loved it and i want to go again soon