I hadn't heard of The Notebook since I had one of those days where you just can't stop jumping form youtube video to video. I was in a youtube model-interview moment and it came to my attention that most of them agreed that The Notebook was their favorite film ever. I can't remember what Fashion Week were the interviews from...
anyways, Søren invited me and some friends to a Danish film premiere at The Silent Movie Theatre in LA. the film was called Valhalla Rising by director Nicolas Winding Refn, and it wasn't a silent one, but almost
a girl needs to use some ladies room prior to a 93 minutes film, and when I opened the door Ryan Gosling smiled inside
-Sorry-he said-apparently there's just one line for both restrooms..
-woops! then I totally cut the line just now...
-Well, there's gonna be angry people outside, better come in here with me
I did. He was very tall and strong and if I looked straight, his chest was on my eyes level. It was great. I looked up to his face and he smiled at me
-I'll leave you alone, see you later?
-Okay, thanks- I said while locking the door behind him
obviously I couldn't pee, I went out and every men on the line looked at me like I was evil -you know this Americans, you can't cut lines here or talk sarcasm...-, but the girls in the line just gave me their approval, like I was the luckiest on earth. no rules for women when Gosling is around
I went back to my friends and spent the movie looking for Ryan's seat, then looking at him watching the movie until it ended. then Winding Refn explained to the audience that Ryan wanted him to direct his next movie, with Carey and -quote- "the redhead with huge breasts from Mad Men"

I thought Blue Valentine was a great movie and both actors (Michelle Williams too) were amazing. Crazy Stupid Love was okay too and it was also easy falling for him there..
I have yet to see The Notebook, and I haven't seen Drive either, but I intend to do so in the near future
and I don't even find Ryan Gosling that handsome, but he sure has a really strong presence in real life

did you see that youtube video of him, randomly and anonymously, stopping a street fight? well you should. it's hilarious when the girl filming the thing realized she's actually getting Ryan Gosling on tape

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Noelì Brndn said...

vi el video en que paraba la pelea!, hermoso, y atento!