how I met K A T E LANPHEAR

I went bowling yesterday and guess who played next to me. beautiful and funny, she wasn't wearing any accessories. I missed some bangles&rings on her, but thought she looked great without them as well. Kate, I was on lane 19 w/ 3 handsome men and all of them agreed you had to be under 24. "she's so young she can't be Elle's Style Director", while staring also at the cute girl on lane 16 (yes, the one with the plaid flannel). I know I have no excuse for my The North Face outfit, so silly to think you can't rock it with such snow+cold outside. you reminded me that down days should be stylish too, so today Julie did my manicure. Thanks NY

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Bernd said...

I'm sorry, I don't know Kate Lanphear, but the pictures is great. Very nice accessoires, I like it very much.