F E B R U A R Y 1 1

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February has been all about red. I have been working a lot and I have been getting younger every day. I have been discovering and planning adventures. it has been a short February in this land
I finally saw The King's Speech yesterday and Colin Firth is just amazing in that film, brilliant actor. he totally deserves his Oscar. I still think Black Swan is the trip, but this one gets so close in a different way
I certainly am happy for Natalie Portman, everything of hers I see I marvel
In another note, when I do theme posts (or just mixed-matched ones) I notice there are always Yvan Rodic's pictures in them. maybe it's cos I suck his diary blog too much, maybe it's cos he manages to capture that thing I look for

I like m a s k s , c r o w n s


rouli said...

amazin post

Angela said...

J'adore ce blog! Magnifique!

Angela Donava