I love me some drama shows from time to time, I need the family tensions and the desperate tears. I really like to watch dramas alone, in the dark and on my big white wall. a couple of weeks ago I finished watching 3rd season -I think- of Brothers & Sisters, wanna know how it ends? (if you don't just skip to the next paragraph) well, with Tommy gone to Mexico, much cuter and fit and intellectual. sight

I am playing Casting Director now, which I've always really loved and still do; so I've been auditioning actors for this part all evening. while waiting for the last scheduled actor to come I went outside the room and had some tea when pretty girls started showing up. there was an event upstairs, so I went. Kirsten Dunst was pretty and cute in a LWD and bright red lipstick, and Rachel Bilson was wearing silky orange and a couple of bimbo friends as accessories. I was surprised w how petite she is. still sweet and great
but enough celebrity talk, well, not really

still waiting for the actor, went outside to finish my tea in peace and in no pressure to look good when Balthazar stopped his Lexus in front of me and exited the car. I blushed, fact. am I the only one with a crush on him? probably not. but I composed myself quickly. he was fit, slim, wearing pink suede booties and sporting grey semi-large hair like no other. I approached and opened fire
- Do you need any help?- I said
I was holding the tea, a black notebook that made me look like I knew the place, and a cherry lollypop that made me look just cute and hid the fact that I was wearing some nasty JC Litas
-Oh, no! I'm just waiting for my wife- He said while walking towards me
-You are sexy dude - I said, not really, I just thought that one!
and before you know it he was sharing his adventures with me, telling about this and that party, about charities and a little bit about him being a little annoyed with his wife. we made out (in my mind) and his wife appeared, walking elegantly down the stairs in a pari of sick CĂ©line wedges. you know which ones.
we talked shoes a little bit, but Balthazar started to get impatient, I don't think he'd chosen his own pink suede booties. she looked happy, he looked sexier than ever

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