Brigitte Bardot · Natalie Portman

I went to the theater a couple of weeks ago to see Thor. I didn't consider it a bright idea at the moment, but one lady just likes to sit in the cinema and stare at a huge screen. being the last theater-watched movie Herzog's Cave thing, I though a commercial and easy one wouldn't hurt. it was great.
first of all, I had no idea that Natalie Portman was starring, and I LOVE her. and second, Thor is hot. I was extremely excited during the whole movie, happy looking at Natalie falling in love with this handsome thing. I'm guessing all the girls in the screening room had that foolish smile printed in their face
but this b/w nice photos have nothing to do with extrahuman Thor. two beautifull young ladies stand before me...

I really need an iPad so I can blog from my sofa, or a bigger sofa would also do

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