L A C E - U P S

Ain't Got No Home. Stevie Dance for Russh Australia by Derek Handerson

weird. I normally don't like lace-up boots, but with these pair I'm trapped. I dream about them and I look everywhere for them (although I know the pair is from 2 seasons ago). I know they won't fit me well but I want them for decoration, for my daughters to try them on when they learn how to walk, and I want to see to what point of my leg these are up to. it looks like I would have to fold them down...story of my life
and how calm seams the lake, I want to go to a lake soon. maybe I am planning a road trip, maybe not. plus the styling of the second shot is worth printing. simple and edgy
I have to know where the boots are from. I have to

and haven't found the Kenzos yet

I am following way too much fashions on twitter

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ELLE said...

My god, they are pretty amazing with the casual wear.