I'm wearing an h&m top, an African scarf as skirt and, even if you don't see them, my Birkenstocks fasho · nilo wears Stetson hat, AA T and Levi's jeans 

once in Marfa, after the much coveted Prada Marfa, we went play some pool and have a hot dog at Padre's. I won after two Bloody Hell Marys with the best olives I've ever had in a cocktail.  we had a bed in a vintage trailer, and got there just at sunset. perfect timming. El Cósmico is not your conventional hotel. refurbished trailers, teepees, yurps and more than enough space for campgrounds. you can have your backpacking experience with every shared amenity, or you can also rent a trailer like we did, with all the private amenities you may need/want. oh how much I love having my morning showers outside. not even kidding. some of the trailers even have a little private patio with the sickest chairs. it was heaven and I would've stayed there all summer. the deco inside was simple and modern, just like I like it. and a great little kitchen with the best teapot! and the lobby (the only building around) a little more tex-mix, with all the horns and paws and some Acapulco chairs and these graphic-genious posters of the Festival of Music and Love they held. it felt like I was in a boat
if you go, make sure to take one of their business cards, or some. such beautiful snaps
El Cósmico is a reflection of how cool the town is. all about artists and yoga in the Texas village. Too cool for school
and I almost forget about the Mistery Lights, apparently some serious outer-space lights showing at night. they say it's worth the wait, but I did have enough shooting stars and desires, plus it was getting cold, I mean cool

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